23, 24, 25 NOVEMBER 2021
11:00 - 12:30 (CET)

Is a improvisational voice practice which will help us discover the use of the voice as a
natural element within our body, where the neutral state will be always the departing
point, from where to evolve and to where, eventually, return, trying to understand its
comfortability. Through improvisational methods, both movement and voice universes
will be considered as a common ground to refer to, its rhythms, compositions,
aesthetics, silences and stillnesses, remembering the instrument we make use of is
always the same: the body. Rather then from a technical approach, the voice will be
stimulated to be used by discovering its own intentions, a series of exercises will be
given to the participants under a playful form, where a unique universe will be
discovered by entering in their own inner self, discovering the existence of the visible
and the invisible side, the connection between centre and voice, radiation and
disappearance, imagination and creativity, allowing them to craft their single way of
expressing whatever is laying inside each of them, without the need of judgement.
Manuel Ronda is a self- taught performer/ dancer/ actor who has been co- working and collaborating in contemporary theatre/ dance productions since the early age of 17. After having started an intense production for children theatre in Italy and practiced dance studies on a private level, he engaged for the professional circuit in northern Europe, meeting and working intensively with relevant coreographers of the Contemporary Dance scene such as Lindsay Kemp, Frederic Flamand, Andre Gingras, Wim Vandekeybus/ UltimaVez, Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Frucek/ Rottlessroot, Tasya Krougovykh/ Pussy Riots, amongst others. Sharing the stage scene with musicians as John Parish, David Eugene Edwards/ 16 HorsePower& Wovenhand, and the Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger.
Photo by Timothy Costa