15:00 - 16:30 (CET)

We are interested in studying the intelligent of the body to adaptation, integrity FLOWING in the change, integrating it. Practice and investigate the fluidity of our adaptability to movement. Be available to be able to flow integrating all your parts, being open to the possibility that everything moves, and that everything is allowed to be moved according to our integrity.

Integrate to dance with.. All forces, external and internal, can be recycled and used in favor of our dance.

In the workshop we work as a base to awaken listening and body awareness, from the sensitivity. Just as a musician practices the sensitivity of the ear to feel the sounds, we practice the sensitivity to feel our body. You can't move something if you don't feel it first, if you don't hear it. Integrate to dance with ...

We not only move, but we let ourselves be moved by-as in any relationship.
We experience the power that is born in the fluidity of moving and being moved.
We will take the time to open the sensitivity of our body to relate to all our parts and integrate them, with our bones, with our liquids, with our fascias, with our weight, with the gravity, with our desire and with the energy that crosses us or not, to dance with it. We will work on how to unlock and connect all the parts; to generate more mobility, freedom and independence between them. We will work on relaxing and expanding the space between the bones, so the movement and energy can circulate, and put the focus of the dance on the CIRCULATION OF MOVEMENT. Inhabiting it from the smallest, observing how a movement is made by infinite micro movements.

We investigate how the dynamics, and the integrity in the adaptation, leads to the need to ALLOW and INTEGRATE the OPPOSITES, and to be available and flexible in allowing oneself to move between one and the other, depending on adapting to the movement of the body in the present.

We study how to open the sensibility to allow and integrate the opposites, the flexibility to move between one and the other, and observe how in that balance power is born in the dynamics. Thus we work the movement integrating independence and connection, will and surrender, emptying and filling, control and non-control, knowledge and not knowing, etc. . Not only do we move, but we allow ourselves to be moved by, like any relationship, the fluidity between moving and being moved, of dancing with it, the vertigo between control and non-control.

We will explore the efficiency and power of the body's strength from non-strength. We do not resist the internal or external forces, but we integrate them, we use them in favor of our dance. How can we allow, recycle and integrate a movement to generate another movement, or use these forces to arrive into the acrobatics?

How to get the dance to work with the acrobatics listening to the body, without running over it, but relating and dancing with it?

In the workshop tools are given: acrobatics, dance, movement anatomy, eutonia and martial arts techniques such as aikido to enrich the language, and approach the movement of acrobatics from a strong but soft body.

The pedagogical method seeks inspire and share curiosity about the body, waking up the self conciousness, the self eye witch observes and studies yourself. Our own body is the teacher that intereses us to learn from, and the source where comes the most rich knowledge to study in each one.

What generates in you greater availability towards the movement?

What is to be available?

We don´t impose the apprenticeship and information, we let it come from the body, we allow to happen what is already happening and we use it in favor of the dance.
Born in Buenos Aires, since her adolescence she began her studies in music, Aikido and Acrobatics.
She finished her music studies at the E.M.P.A and in 2005 she began studying Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, and Body Expression at the U.N.A. She then continues her studies deepening many years in Contemporary Dance, Flyng Low, Improvisation and Floor Acrobatics. In his personal search he deepens more and more the fusion between acrobatics and dance, using as a basis to awaken listening and body awareness, in the search to investigate WHAT GENERATES GREATER AVAILABILITY IN THE BODY TOWARDS MOVEMENT, therefore also study that it is what prevents the energetic and dynamic flow of movement. Thus he continues to enrich his knowledge studying Anatomy of Movement, Feldenkrais, Eutonia, B.M.C (Body Mind Center), Axis Syllabus, studying the dynamic laws that govern the body, to be able to dance with them and achieve greater freedom and fluidity in the qualities of movement.
She trained and received a degree in Circus and Performing Arts from the U.N.S.A.M. (National University of San Martin.)
In 2014 she went to live in France and entered the professional training Center des Arts du Cirque Le Lido, Toulouse, specializing in floor acrobatics and dance.

Enriched by the mixture of different Somatic Practices, Circus, Martial Arts, Contemporary Dance, and the Anatomy of movement, in 2014 he created Flow Force as a name for the research that has been deepening with his body, and which he is currently teaching in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil.

She has collaborated with various directors and choreographers such as Gerardo Hochman (Argentina), Danielle Sardella (Italy), Christophe Lafargue Garniouze (France), Florent Bergal (France), Nicanor De Elia (France), Alain Daffos (France), Christophe Le Goff ( France), Lotte Muller (Germany) working as a co-creator in various shows, companies and festivals in South America and Europe. Also in 2019 she began working as a director and interpreter of hers own solo hers "Tout est sous contrôle" performing at the Festival du cirque actuel CIRCA Auch, Festival d'Avignon, La Grainerie, Théâtre Garonne, Théâtre Du Grand Rond Toulouse. In 2020 she joins the Lotte Muller company in the In / Mobility show supported by Hellerau-Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden (European Center for the Arts, Dresden) in which she is currently on tour in Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig Germany .