DATE 2021

Falling into the point of contact is an ongoing research through Play-Fight and Contact Improvisation. It focuses on the moment of meeting through the skin, what we are able to communicate and share in this little point, with how much clarity, weight or subtleness, from which space, intention or quality of attention. What happens when we fall into the point of contact? And what happens when we grow from the point of contact? Are these two possibilities always available? Are they conscious choices or pure necessary responses to the different stimulus? Can we fall and grow at the same time? Can we share weights and generate momentum by truly falling into each other? The final purpose of the exploration is to enter into the free flow with a wider spectrum of possibilities stimulated through the body awareness, to soften the mind and support a process of recognizing and eventually re-patterning what is actually disturbing our flow, when alone and when shared. The class is for couples or small groups. Most of the exercises are performed in pairs: the partner has the fundamental role of mirror of ourselves and the practice is based on clarity, listening and acceptance of the feedback we receive. In moments of freer improvisation, the couple has the freedom to develop the dance as they feel, remaining in continuous negotiation and listening to themselves and the other. The practice requires deep honesty of presence thanks to which moving together becomes not only a pleasure, but an incredible journey.

PF principles supporting / interconnecting with CI:

• Connectivity craft
Deep self-awareness
Engaging by disengaging - effortlessness
Liquid body principles - gravity practice
Physical and mental resiliency towards falling
Moving with integrity
Sensitivity of the touch
Sharing body mass on different level of intensity
Connect center to center with and without physical contact
Fall into the point of contact
Transform the fall into new momentum
Recycle to fall upwards
Join the force - feed connection - don't break the flow
Engage with the partner
Stretch the comfort zone through playfulness

Her background of experiences and interests mainly interconnects intensive training in contemporary dance and floor-work, contact improvisation, instant composition, with her later studies into yoga, postural and somatic practices. She met Bruno Caverna in 2014, first through Liquid Body, later through Play-Fight; a mind-blowing encounter which since then has been at the foundation of her journey, in life and profession. Ester currently works as manager for Formless Arts and as Play-Fight Facilitator while consistently following workshops and events, aware of navigating through a life-long journey of challenging, yet revealing body-mind explorations and uplifting interactions. At the moment she is also deepening her research in the line between Play-Fight & Contact Improvisation and integrating her important experience in the Yoga panorama within Formless Arts activities, connecting the approach from the very essence of Formless Arts philosophy.