17:00 - 18:00

Since 2017 Lisard (CAT) and Clémentine (FR) have been developing a shared practice influenced by their encounters and commun experiences in leading international companies and projects such as Guy Nader & Maria Campos or Lali Ayguadé Company. From there, they began to share their practice facilitating workshops to movers and professional artists from a wide range backgrounds and are regularly invited to lead seminars in professional training institutions and programs internationally. Since 2020 they began co-creating as a company, developing their own choreographic research which you can read more here

The workshop is aimed at people from all disciplines interested in expanding their creative tools and refining their quality of movement both improvising alone or with a partner. We invite the participants to investigate four main aspects we consider essential in our practice as artists: the sensitivity of being, control of restrictions, availability to the unknown, and creative adaptation to challenges.

The class will address movement efficiency and explore the range of creativity given by a better understanding of our movements' physical boundaries. - Playfulness - will be the main tool for discovery and exploration both in our movement improvisations and in our interactions. We will seek greater awareness of our structure's patterns through games tackling stability and accuracy helping our decision making both in improvisation and in partner work. We will play with the plasticity of our imagination through physical and creative challenges and use it as a source for instant composition. Training these principles will allow an articulated and expansive movement to be deployed in space.

We are keen to share tools that allow participants to investigate their original movement and challenge their practice beyond technical constraints. We are interested in the quality of the relationships we cultivate with ourselves and others, forming a sensitive and responsive body that can unleash our imagination and support our performance state.
Clémentine Telesfort is an award-winning dancer who performs and teaches internationally. Trained at TrinityLaban in London and later at the Verve Company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, she has worked with companies such as Guy Nader and Maria Campos Company, Lali Ayguadé Company, Anton Lachky, Jamaal Burkmar and Gecko in England.
Alongside, she has been developing her own choreographic language over the years and her works have been performed at various festivals throughout Europe.
Since 2015 she has been invited to teach at different festivals and institutions.
He also continues to train in different disciplines such as physical and clown theater, contact-Improvisation or studying somatic practices, Systema (Russian Martial Art) and Play-Fight with the facilitator program of Bruno Caverna.
In 2019 he curated and directed the first edition of an International Rural Cultural Festival, the PinkHouse Festival in the north of France.
Lisard Tranis trained at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. After graduating, he won the first prize in the International Dance Contest of Barcelona. He later joined Verve, the postgraduate of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and received that year's Outstanding Graduate Award. He has been working with Guy Nader and Maria Campos, Lali Ayguadé Company, Phoenix Dance Theater, Hagit Yakira Dance, James Wilton Dance and José Besprosvany among others. Apart from performing on stage, Lisard teaches in various festivals and countries and has a keen interest in developing his own language as a choreographer and teacher.
Photos: Maria Alzamora