[DANCE] by playing, organizing and reorganizing your body in simple, more complex and in many different ways it allows you to keep playful all the time while dancing.

The body functions the way we wish or rather how we allow it to function This game of Puzzle Work is a never-ending process and a never-ending game if we wish so and allow it to be. Each body has its own BALANCE, its own LOGIC and its own LIMITATIONS. I feel lucky today to be discovering where my balance is and where my limitations are and how I can transform and integrate that in my dancing.

Anton Lachky – Puzzle Work If I take 6 different numbers compared to the lock of a bike, the variety of number combinations is endless – that's how we keep our bike safe. DANCING IS NOT THE NUMBER and WE ARE NOT THE BIKE LOCK but with 6 different movements, we can play an endless game with the body depending on the order of movements. How large is the scale of our movement? That's where ENDLESSNESS steps in. How many possibilities do we have? As I mentioned before we are not a bike lock and movements are not numbers but with what speed frame, size, texture, intension and in which context and most importantly with what FEELING do we move?
Born in 1982 in Slovakia, Anton started to dance at the age of 5, in the folk dance company Maly Vtácnik. He continued his dance education at the J.L.Bellu Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, where he collaborated with friends and also participated in M.A.P.A. (Moving Academy for Performing Arts). From there he went on to train at the University of Bratislava in 2001, followed by further training at P.A.R.T.S., headed by A.Teresa de Keersmeaker (Belgium).

Anton became a member of Akram Khan Company in March 2004 and toured "MA" for two years (48 countries all over the world). Anton Lachky is co-founder of Les Slovaks Dance Collective. They created their first piece " Opening Night"; in 2006 and premiered it in October 2007, then Journey Home (2009), Fragments (2011). In three creations, the collective acquires planetary fame.

Anton founded his own company in 2012. "Mind a Gap" (2013) was his first autonomous creation, followed by " Side Effects" and « Cartoon » (2017). This first creation for the young public earned him the Price of the Culture Minister Alda Greoli. All these creations were met with great enthusiasm by the public, the press, and the dance community. They all toured worldwide. « Cartoon » and « Side effect » are still touring internationally. In 2019 he creates the fourth production of his company: « LUDUM ». Premiere in La Balsamine. (BXL)

His work brings together western-educated dance, and shreds of eastern folk and pop culture. Thanks to the " Puzzle work" a technic of composition he created, Anton's shows demonstrate an extremely virtuosic and sophisticated dance language. Both extremely specialist and widely addressed to all audiences, his work connects different cultural backgrounds, to deliver a joyful and strong and unique experience!