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The Festival is an event envisioned by Bruno Caverna that works on a collaborative basis, located in the stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany, hosted by Casa Monterosi (the Play-Fight Camp house), in Anghiari (35 km from Arezzo, Italy).
The uncontaminated location, surrounded by hills, forest, breathtaking view and flowing water, offers the perfect conditions to enter in direct touch with Nature and also have the appropriate facilities for living, moving, resting, sharing spaces and time within a large group of people.

There are two dance spaces, a smaller one indoor and a large pedana outdoor. However the activities will take full advantage of the landscape, ready to move in a variety of conditions, soil, grass, forest, sun, wind, rain...together, nourishing joy and willingness to try and Play.

The house can accommodate up to 28 people, while there is plenty of camping spots spread all around to suit all tastes. The kitchen, managed by Italian Cooks, runs with care and love, preparing 3 meals p/d with the best local ingredients, making sure to provide the right resources for everyone to enjoy at the fullest what the experience offers.

The town you will need to reach is Anghiari (Arezzo-Italy). There will be a pick up service probably in set times, from the morning to the afternoon (we will be able to schedule the service only later on once we will know participants' arrival time).
It is important to organize your trip in order to get to the Camp site the earliest as possible. We will have more detailed information later on.

Suggested airports: Pisa, Florence, Bologna, but also Milan and Rome, then train to Arezzo.

You can get to Arezzo by train
(www.trenitalia.com : italian train company web site). Directly from the train station you can catch the bus SI381 to Sanseplocro from the Bus Terminal, right next to the train station. Bus schedule will be available soon.

CAR SHARING: we will create a Facebook group to organize rides amongst participants.