10-13 APRIL 2020
Bruno Caverna - Tom Weksler - Jorge Itapuã
Although Play is not only a human quality, as most of the mammals also play, humans are the most playful creature. Play is indeed our primary tool to learn how to live, to explore both our possibilities and our boundaries and to develop fundamental skills for survival. Play is also the expression of our curious and creative nature. Curiosity allows us to dig into what we don't know, an available resource for dealing with the unknown. Creativity is an attitude we are capable to cultivate towards life and apply when facing any sort of challenging situations. As kids we naturally are playful, curious and creative, in this way we are able to discover ourselves in relation to our surrounding and to the others. The more we grow and the more we tend to disconnect from this inherent quality, especially due to the modern lifestyle of western civilization and its deep separation from Nature. But at the end of the day, Everything is Play and everything we do is part of a Play, sometimes more and sometimes less serious. We play with identities, roles, ideas, believes, choices, words, personalities... We need this quality in order to go through life and allow ourselves to change, to evolve and to let go when necessary. Living Life as a Play is an ultimate and deeply challenging achievement. Where to start? Or better said, how to restart?
Why Born2Play?

A self-empowering physical practice that weaves together cooperative qualities of any type of partner dance with highly refined confrontational principles from capoeira and internal martial arts. The exploration goes beyond the fringes of mere physicality. The reciprocal mirroring through the physical drills leads the practice into a deep space of self-discovery, for acknowledging and revealing myriad aspects in human interactions and expressions. The core guidance is to learn how to preserve own integrity and inner calm under controlled stress-induced events while being engaged through playfully confrontational interactions. The embodiment of principles of non-resistance and non-violence is at the top of all achievements for allowing flow to be embodied, returning thus to our original state of being.

Movement Archery consists of 3 parts: Part 1 - Warm-up, Part 2 - Technique (Floorwork and Zen Acrobatics), Part 3 - Archery/ Partnering.The 3 topics of research are focused on self development, self expression and communication with others. "What is the technique which serves our Freedom?"

Trainning method created by Jorge Itapuã to develop power, criativity and health in the body-mind structure.
With roots on Capoeira and Yôga, and integrating others techniques as Bioginástica and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Itapuã presents his hybrid workout based on the capacity of moving in different levels of hights, the ability to interact with other people and the capacity of act in a spontaneous way to express your self. This open form practice is always stimulated by different kind of body games, making it really fun but also physically intense. The Organicflow Method has been already applied as complementary training for actors, dancers, Capoeira and BJJ athletes, kids and elders with great results in all areas.