2 - 4 SEPTEMBER / berlin
The Festival offers an opportunity to playfully explore the body in motion and meet each other through physical interactions; to spend time outside, exploring the landscape and fully engaging with both its resources and its challenges. Throughout the weeks, a team of professionals will guide participants in daily activities sharing their knowledge and unique approach to movement.

Why Play?
Through Play our senses are stimulated and our perception expanded, fostering the ability to find new solutions when facing different sorts of challenging situations. At the same time we re-learn how to trust the body intelligence and re-pattern those reflexes that have become dysfunctional over time.

We welcome Movers from all kind of physical disciplines available and ready for a movement adventure, willing to explore, share, embrace the challenge and openly dive into the adventure.
Although Play is not only a human quality, as most of the mammals also play, humans are the most playful creatures. Play is indeed our primary tool to learn how to live, to explore both our possibilities and our boundaries, to develop fundamental skills for survival and for dealing with the unknown. As kids we naturally are playful, a means for discovering ourselves, the surrounding and the others. While growing, we tend to disconnect from this inherent quality, especially due to the modern lifestyle of western civilization. But at the end of the day everything is Play, sometimes more and sometimes less serious. We play with identities, roles, ideas, believes, choices, language, personalities; we need this quality in order to go through life and allow ourselves to change and let go when necessary.

Living Life as a Play is an ultimate and deeply challenging achievement.
Where to start? Or better said, how to restart?

BORN2PLAY organized by Formless Arts and directed by Bruno Caverna
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